About Karen

Who Am I?

A wife, a mother and a proud experienced leader who celebrates an exciting and varied corporate career. My journey began as a Primary School Teacher when leaving university in 1988 culminating with the appointment to CHRO and Executive Board Member of adidasAG 32 years later. Born in Manchester, England I am a proud citizen of both the UK and USA, now living with my family in Portland, Oregon. My educational and business studies saw me attend universities both in the UK and USA.

Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling

I have worked for great brands such as Lego, Hasbro and ultimately 23 years with adidas. I am someone that grew from within starting as a regional salesperson at 24 to breaking the glass ceiling claiming the first female Board seat of the DAX30 company adidas in 2017. This didn’t come with a lateral career of climbing just one ladder, but a journey of global experiences across Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Strategy Management, Supply Chain and HR.

Leadership is a Journey, Own Your Journey

– K. Parkin

Passion for Success

I was once guided that our journeys equate to building our very own artful ‘masterpiece’ combining passion, skills, and craftsmanship. My very own masterpiece highlights a journey that has been challenging, invigorating, sometimes exhausting but always memorable. I have both led and learned with a passion to always better myself and those around me, having been fortunate to work with so many wonderful and talented leaders. Knowing this excites me to share every bit of what I have learned, believing that my experiences can enhance the best in you and your company.  What I know is not always so unique, but the way I have learned and how I have overcome those challenges to reach the C-Suite is. Lets work together to shine a light on your ‘Leadership Masterpiece’.

female executive coaching

My Mantra

Resilience is the driving force that supports my ability and passion to win and why I am here to help and support you. I know I have grown the most when I have fallen and been given the opportunity to embrace the challenges and learnings to rise once more. It takes courage to navigate the sacrifice’s, obstacles, and successes, to become the leader you see within yourself. I am here to show you how resilient and courageous you already are as you embark or continue on your leadership journey.

Smashing the Ceiling, Taking a Fall, and Finding Resilience