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Elevate Your Leadership with Karen Parkin’s Executive Coaching

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Expert Guidance

“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears”

– Nelson Mandela


Your journey as a professional has infinite opportunities for success; understanding that and approaching each decision with that paradigm accelerates growth.

About Karen


I am an executive and leadership coach who helps leaders realize their fullest potential through times of growth and transitional periods. I have spent over 30 years working in senior leadership positions across sales, operations, business development and HR, culminating as an executive board member of adidas AG.


I understand and have experienced the many challenges that leaders face climbing the corporate ladder, having experienced both the opportunities and challenges the leadership journey brings when working amongst growth companies.


I know how lucky I was to have a coach alongside me on my journey and I now am ready to be the same partner to you on yours.

When Should You Hire an Executive Coach?

Proactive Leadership for Today’s Challenges

Ensure a Great Start

Invest in executive coaching during the onboarding process for new senior management hires, ensuring a swift and successful transition.

Meet a New Opportunity or Challenge

Equip leaders with the skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving business environment.


Secure coaching services for high-potential employees to ensure a sustainable leadership pipeline.

Improve Performance

Upscale productivity and performance by identifying and overcoming leadership bottlenecks.

Fix a Challenging Relationship

Resolve conflicts within the management team, fostering healthier and more productive relationships.

Fill a Skills or Behavioral Gap

Invest in continuous improvement by addressing skill gaps and behavioral challenges.

What Does an Executive Coach Do To Help Me Reach My Goals?

Karen’s background in Fortune 500 companies ensures she brings a wealth of knowledge to your coaching experience, offering unique perspectives, strategies, and deep insights.

As your dedicated leadership partner, she is committed to enhancing your effectiveness as a leader and a businessperson. She will:

Challenge You

Identify and overcome leadership blocks or difficulties.

Ground You

Navigate both obvious and non-obvious business challenges.

Provide Insights

Share experiences to help you see around corners and leverage top-level wisdom.

Tangible Benefits of Karen Parkin’s Executive Coaching

Experience a range of benefits with Karen’s coaching:

Sharpened Skills and Competencies

Stay agile, forward-thinking, and relevant in a fast-moving business environment.


Augmented Weaknesses and Upheld Strengths

Learn from industry figures to become a more complete organizer and administrator.


Supercharged Productivity and Creativity

Provide C-level members with the support they need to thrive, avoiding burnout.


Generate Powerful Momentum

Karen’s coaching ensures your executives operate quicker, pivot faster, and spot opportunities easier, benefiting your company’s bottom line.

Invest in Your


Leadership Success Today


Karen Parkin’s executive coaching is your key to equipping leaders with the skills and competencies necessary to thrive in today’s unforgiving business world. Don’t wait; start your transformation journey now.

FAQs About Our Executive Coaching

How long does the average c-suite consulting engagement last?

It depends on the unique situation of the leader that’s interested in coaching. We take an individualized approach and ultimately only want the leader to engage in coaching for as long as it serves them, their goals, and their professional success.

What makes you different from other executive coaches?

While there are many talented coaches out there, what makes me different is:

  1.  My unique experience as the first female executive coach at Adidas AG,
  2. My rigorous academic certifications through Brown University and ACT’s Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification.

Regardless of the certifications and experiences that a coach offers, what it comes down to is finding the right coaching fit. Each leader is unique and responds to particular processes and personalities. I know I’m not a fit for everyone; however, I know I’m the perfect fit for many.

How do you track goals and outcomes as an executive coach?

We collaborate to build a roadmap to effectively implement strategies with ongoing accountability and success. This roadmap includes tangible metrics that can be regularly reviewed.