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From Adidas Executive to Portland’s Premiere Business Consultant

Karen has worked for great brands such as Lego, Hasbro and ultimately 23 years with adidas. She’s someone that grew from within starting as a regional salesperson at 24 to breaking the glass ceiling claiming the first female Board seat of the DAX30 company adidas in 2017.


This didn’t come with a lateral career of climbing just one ladder, but a journey of global experiences across Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Strategy Management, Supply Chain and HR.


Karen’s approach to business consulting in Portland stems from decades of experience in high-pressure, high-growth boardrooms.

  • Gender is a conversation but it is not our only identity as a leader.
  • Every seat at the table has your name on it, we just need to find the one you want to sit in.
  • Balance is a dream and not always attainable. How do we find a place where you can be successful and happy?
  • Experience matters for us all, so how do we gain the right learnings and promote this?
  • You’re already a guiding star to many so ‘guide’ the next generation of female leaders who aspire to be you.
  • Being a leader isn’t always easy, celebrate when you get it right.

‘Super Heroes’ are Fictional,
Leaders are not!
K. Parkin

Our Portland-Based Consultancy Builds Strategic Excellence in Growing Brands

Do you and your team know and believe in the ‘race you are running? Does it shine a light on the people that will create, deliver and consume your vision? Don’t be afraid to ask these questions at the beginning of the journey with those that have travelled this many times.

  • Does your strategy underpin a diverse and inclusive culture and environment locally and globally?
  • People matter, does your strategy shine a light on the market capitalization of your workforce?
  • Are your measures ‘hope and unattainable or ‘optimistic but achievable’ ?
  • How do you invite consumers, employees to embark on this exciting strategic journey with you?
  • What is the organization and skilled workforce you need in place to achieve this plan?
  • How will you operate in ‘the tomorrow’ vs ‘the yesterday?

We Magnify Portland C-Suite Executives’ Success

Navigating and Managing Leadership expectations within the C-Suite – balancing performance leadership, team dynamics while achieving results.

  • Leaders are your culture, build a diverse leadership team to authentically promote this.
  • Continuously promote and measure positive engagement with your stakeholders.
  • Identify Leadership deliverables, the ‘do’s’ and the ‘don’ts’.
  • Do you know when to ‘lead’ and when to ‘follow’?
  • Finding the mix of  ‘Experience’ vs ‘Intuition’.
  • Navigating courage and bravery vs Ignorance.
  • Your external audience will judge you more harshly than your C-Suite peers – be ready.

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    What’s the Process of Portland Business Consulting with K. Parkin Consultancy?

    Step 1: Objectively Defining the Both the Root Cause of Challenges as Well As Acute, Surface Level Issues 


    How did you get to where you are today? What root, organizational and structural processes led to the specific challenges you’re facing? And how are those problems manifesting and surfacing in your company?

    You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know 1) exactly where you’re at and 2) how you got there.

    Step 2: Define the Organization’s “Champagne Moment”


    In 12 months from now, if your company was metaphorically popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate success, what would you be celebrating?


    You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know where the destination is.

    Step 3: Fear setting & goal planning


    If you go after the goals associated with your champagne moment, what are the risks? What are the worst things that can happen?


    Defining the worst case scenario reduces fear and allows your organization to courageously solve problems and plan for quick growth.

    Step 4: Culture evolution


    To reach audacious goals, your current brand needs to evolve. A brand’s culture and behavior isn’t static. It can be altered and improved to propel the entire brand forward.

    Step 5: Constant Iteration and Improvement


    The journey as a fast-growing company is full of blind spots, unforeseen obstacles, and challenges outside of your control. 


    Constant iteration and improvement allows your brand to successfully navigate the day-to-day, quarter-to-quarter challenges.

    FAQs About Our Portland Business Consulting Services

    We’re a small business in Portland – do you offer small business consulting?


    Yes, we work with Portland businesses of all sizes. However, before accepting new clients, we make sure that we can add value to their unique situation.

    Please reach out for a free consultation to see if we are the right fit.

    Do you offer in-person business consulting in Portland?


    Yes, we offer face-to-face consulting. While Zoom calls may be convenient in some cases, getting in a room, hunkering down, and digging deep will lead to the most transformational results.

    How much do your Portland business consulting services cost?


    Our pricing is unique to each individual business’s challenges. The investment depends on the number of stakeholders involved, the complexity of the challenge(s), the urgency of the problem, and more.

    To get an accurate proposal for your unique business, please schedule a free consultation.