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Transformational Consulting for C-Suite Executives

Lead and solve complex problems through opportunity.

I’ve Been In Your Shoes as The First Female C-Suite Executive At Adidas


P.S – before I get to the standard bio sharing my career trajectory so you have more trust in my experience, I want you to know that working tirelessly to become a high-level executive isn’t all roses and unicorns. At times it was overwhelming and migraine-inducing.

My journey began as a Primary School Teacher when leaving university in 1988 culminating with the appointment to CHRO and Executive Board Member of adidasAG 32 years later. 


I have worked for great brands such as Lego, Hasbro and ultimately 23 years with adidas. I am someone that grew from within starting as a regional salesperson at 24 to breaking the glass ceiling claiming the first female Board seat of the DAX30 company adidas in 2017. 


This didn’t come with a lateral career of climbing just one ladder, but a journey of global experiences across Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Strategy Management, Supply Chain and HR.

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I’m a C-Suite Consultant Helping High-Growth Organizations Transform:


1 – Executive Leadership: I’m your sherpa, guiding you to effectively lead through opportunity as you traverse the intricacies of a rollercoaster role filled with excitement, frustration, creativity, bureaucracy, growth, and stress.

2 – Strategic Growth: We help poke holes in your strategic growth plans, bringing an experienced 3rd party perspective, to ensure the highest probability of long-term success.

3 – Organizational Alignment: We help diagnose areas of misalignment, from communication to resource allocation to execution.

Opportunity-Based Leadership in the C-Suite


Trudging sucks. 


To trudge (v.) /trəj/: walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions.


I help c-suite executives shift their mindset to lead with an opportunity-based paradigm vs a fear-based, reactionary approach.


This allows leaders to navigate the plateaus of executive life to choose the next mountain and confidently conquer it.

How Our C-Suite Consulting Works:


  1. We help you find the facts to gain clarity on where you currently are.
  2. We help you discover opportunities outside your current scope of vision to build potential outcomes of where you want to go
  3. We collaborate to build a roadmap to effectively implement strategies with ongoing accountability and success.

 I’m Not One Of Those “I Solve Your Problems For You” C-Suite Consultants


You know who I’m talking about.


The $10,000 suit-wearing, Ferrari-driving, overly confident c-suite consultant that walks in and says: “I’m here to solve your problems for you. Let me take control.”


That’s not how it works. Nor what you want if it did work that way.


I partner with your c-suite executives at the deepest level to find the missing puzzle pieces, poke holes in existing strategy, and collaborate to find effective long-term, sustainable solutions.

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What’s the process of getting started with our c-suite consulting services?


Step 1: Book a free consultation

This is a quick, 30-45 minute introductory call to understand your unique situation at a high-level and to get to know one another.


Step 2: Clearly defining problems and outcomes

We only work with brands we’re confident we can provide transformational impact for. To determine if there’s a fit, we need to understand the problems you’re facing and the general outcome you’re hoping to achieve.


Step 3: Officially partnering

Once we have clarity that we can provide transformational outcomes, we officially partner.


Step 4: Deep Work, Remotely or In Person

We get to work, digging deep to help you solve complex challenges to lead to transformational results.

Our c-suite consulting helps organizations overcome both 1) hyper-specific problems and 2) large organizational structural challenges


Specific problems frequently stem from larger, more foundational structural issues.


Therefore, hiring a consultant for your c-suite to quickly solve specific, complex problems without considering the greater structural organization is like trying to patch a leaking pipe with a small bucket. It’s a short-term solution.”


Now, that doesn’t mean that every small problem requires a structural overhaul. What it does mean is that every problem requires a holistic approach, inspecting levers surrounding the specific problem.

FAQs About Our C-Suite Consulting:

How long does the average c-suite consulting engagement last?

It totally depends on the unique situation of the business. Some consulting engagements are a couple of days and some are a couple of quarters.

We take an individualized approach to each consulting engagement. We build each partnership around exceeding specific goals.

Do you help with c-suite crisis management?

Yes. If you’re currently navigating a crisis and looking for a consultant with direct experience with overcoming a scenario like this, reach out to have an initial conversation with us.

What makes you different from other c-suite consultants?

We become an extension of your c-suite, going deep into operations, culture, and solution-seeking, building clear solutions and roadmaps through experiential consulting.

Other consultants remotely try to solve problems with fancy spreadsheets and professional-looking presentations, offering vague “solutions” to clearly defined problems.