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Transformational Coaching for Female Executives

Stop striving towards “having it all” all at once. Instead, find clarity, purpose and secure your success.

I’ve Journeyed Your Path To Become The First Female Board Executive At Adidas AG


P.S – before I get to the standard bio sharing my career trajectory so you have more trust in my experience, I want you to know that working tirelessly to become a high-level executive isn’t all roses and unicorns. At times it was overwhelming and migraine-inducing.

If you’re ready to read on I can assure you that the journey was exciting and rewarding. A journey I look back on fondly.

My journey began as a Primary School Teacher when leaving university in 1988 culminating with the appointment to CHRO and Executive Board Member of adidasAG 32 years later.


I have worked for great brands such as Lego, Hasbro and ultimately 23 years with adidas. I am someone that grew from within starting as a regional salesperson at 24 to breaking the glass ceiling claiming the first female Board seat of the DAX30 company adidas in 2017. 


This didn’t come with a lateral career of climbing just one ladder, but a journey of global experiences across Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Strategy Management, Supply Chain and HR.

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I’m a female executive coach who helps leaders struggling with…


1 – Burnout: The 4pm coffee just isn’t cutting it anymore. You’ve got decision fatigue that makes deciding on a latte or americano nearly impossible.


2 – The frustrating plateau: You may feel stuck, not moving and progressing in the way that you’re hoping.


3 – A lack of clarity: You may feel like you don’t know exactly what you want.


4 – Balancing career growth and a healthy home life: You want to “have it all” all at once. Yet, you’re feeling like you haven’t hit your potential in multiple areas of your life.

Opportunity-Based Leadership vs. Fear-Based Trudging


Trudging as a leader sucks. 


To trudge (v.) /trəj/: walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions.


I help female executives shift their mindset to lead with an opportunity-based paradigm vs a fear-based, reactionary approach.


This allows female leaders to navigate the plateaus of executive life to choose the next mountain and confidently conquer it.

Can Executive Coaching for Women Allow Me to “Have It All”?


Female executives often put internal pressure on themselves to have it all. A wildly successful career with a constant j-curve trajectory. A perfect home life with quality time for their partner, friends and family. A fun social life filled with joy and travel.


I hate to break it to you.


But trying to “have it all” all the time is running you into the ground. You can have it all, just not all at once.


I help female leaders navigate this seemingly unfair structure to find their sweet spot.

Being an Executive is Lonely: Consider Me Your Sherpa


The executive world is competitive.


The power dynamic between yourself and 1) your other executive colleagues and 2) the people you manage means that, most of the time, you feel like you’re fighting a war all by yourself.


I’m your sherpa, guiding you through the intricacies of a rollercoaster role filled with excitement, frustration, creativity, bureaucracy, and stress.

leadership coaching for women

What’s the process of executive coaching for women like me?


Step 1: Defining the champagne moment

In 12 months from now, if you and I were popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate your success, what would we be celebrating?

You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know where the destination is.


Step 2: Fear setting & goal planning

If you go after the goals associated with your champagne moment, what are the risks? What are the worst things that can happen?

Defining the worst case scenario reduces fear and allows you to courageously plan for quick growth.


Step 3: Mindset & behavior evolution

To reach audacious goals, your current self needs to evolve. Your character and behavior isn’t static. It can be altered and improved to propel you to become the female executive you’re hoping to be.


Step 4: Constant Iteration and Improvement

The journey as a female executive is full of blind spots, unforeseen obstacles, and challenges outside of your control. 

Constant iteration and improvement allows you to successfully navigate the day-to-day, quarter-to-quarter challenges.

Group executive coaching for women


1:1 coaching for female executives is powerful.


But I’ve found that group coaching creates much-needed camaraderie. It promotes collaboration and breeds accountability, frequently leading to faster and more powerful results. 

FAQs About My Female Executive Coaching Services:

How quickly can I get started with your executive coaching?

My availability depends on my current client relationships. Schedule a free consultation to find out my most up-to-date availability.

I’m not a female executive yet but am working my way towards it. Can you still help me?

Definitely! You’re at a pivotal stage to create transformational change to quickly accelerate your career.

How much does your coaching for female executives cost?

Please schedule a free consultation to learn more about my highly individualized approach to help you reach your goals. On the call, we will discuss the different investment options.