Listen and learn from leaders that have travelled your journey and can help you navigate to the seat you want to find.

“Do not be afraid to disappear…and see what comes to you in the silence”
– Michaela Coel, 2021 Emmys acceptance speech

Fall With Grace, Rise With Vigor, Learn with Passion

  • Own your Fall! Be brave to face it, Be vulnerable to learn, be confident to rise.
  • Learn with passion. Take a breath and let the silence guide you to listen.
  • Remember your past is your ego, Today is your legacy, Tomorrow is your opportunity.
  • Let loyalty guide you, not blind you.
  • Not everyone and everything can be your guide, trust in ‘You’!
  • Success should not be feared, losing sight of yourself should be.

Can you have it ‘ALL’?

  • Understanding Your ‘ALL’, Family/Friends vs Career vs You and your Health.
  • We all play many roles, so trust that sacrifices are opportunities.
  • Don’t seek Balance, let it find you.
  • Build those partnerships that propel you.
  • Find fun in your ‘ALL’.
  • Don’t be lonely on this journey, take others with you, they are your cheerleaders.

Be the leader that creates change for themselves and others!

  • Lead knowing Diversity and Inclusion is not just a conversation, it needs sustainable action.
  • Be empowered that we mentor to create better versions of ourselves.
  • If you trust in yourself, others will follow.
  • Face adversity, don’t hide from it, lead and learn how to overcome this.
  • Seek and celebrate the reward in your own growth so others follow.
  • Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday, enjoy ‘today’.

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